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First Settelment

Pursuant to and for the effects of art. 8.2 of the “Call for the establishment of young people in agriculture”, on 1 June 2018 the ranking of applications for participation with the related outcome was published for lot 1 and lot 2. All those whose application is ineligible can access the grounds for exclusion using the DEDICATED PORTAL .


Self-entrepreneurship and generational change in agriculture

It is possible to apply for admission to benefits only through the dedicated portal starting from 16/10/2018 .

Credit Access

he ISMEA direct guarantee is governed by the Decree of March 22, 2011 of the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies in concert with the Minister of Economy and Finance. 
The objective of the direct guarantee is to favor access to credit for farms, by reducing the spreads and reducing the regulatory capital required by the Basel 2 banks.  
It is divided into four different types:

Administration Services

The Network aims to help improve the implementation of rural development programs, also by stimulating stakeholder participation and promoting innovation. Furthermore,

Who We Are

YIn the context of its institutional functions, carries out information, insurance and financial services and constitutes forms of credit and financial guarantee for the agricultural enterprises and their associated forms, in order to promote information and transparency of the markets, facilitate relations with the banking and insurance system, favor the business competitiveness and reduce the risks inherent in production and market activities. 

Who We Are

YIn the context of its institutional functions, carries out information, insurance and financial services and constitutes forms of credit and financial guarantee for the agricultural enterprises and their associated forms, in order to promote information and transparency of the markets, facilitate relations with the banking and insurance system, favor the business competitiveness and reduce the risks inherent in production and market activities. 

Who We Are

YIn the context of its institutional functions, carries out information, insurance and financial services and constitutes forms of credit and financial guarantee for the agricultural enterprises and their associated forms, in order to promote information and transparency of the markets, facilitate relations with the banking and insurance system, favor the business competitiveness and reduce the risks inherent in production and market activities. 

  • Production
  • Farming
  • Supply


  • breeding planning
  • barn planning
  • budget
  • analysis of production costs for dairy cattle
  • selection of cattle / coupling plans
  • tips and feeding / foraging plans
  • analysis of fertility problems
  • estimates for farmers

We are experienced

Agricultural advisory office

The Agricultural Advisory Office is responsible for improving the technical and economic management of agricultural holdings and the social position of peasant households, taking into consideration the possibilities of long-term production and disposal and ecological requirements. It also aims to improve knowledge on regional economic development.

The main tasks of the Agricultural Counseling Office are:


  • interpretation of accounting
  • financial planning
  • corporate and commercial marketing
  • intercompany forms of collaboration
  • business recovery
  • agronomic reports
  • company management, projects
  • work budget
  • farmhouse
  • estimates

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Great for people who are allergic to whey protein

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Rich in fibre

Vegetables have an essential component which makes them ideal for helping aid bad digestion.  Vegetables contain fiber. Fiber adds bulk to your food and helps make you feel fuller for longer. This way vegan protein powder can help you lose weight as well. Not everyone has the time to prepare healthy meals which could help them achieve weight loss. By using a vegan protein powder in your usual smoothies or breakfast cereals. You have a healthy dose of protein as well as fibre.

When choosing a vegan protein powder make sure of the following

  • When buying vegan protein powders make sure you supplement two of three different powders to get the complete benefits of protein powder. For example people going to the gym can take a combination of brown rice and pea protein powder.
  • When given a choice make sure you take a blend protein powder. This would help you get all the necessary amino acids.
  • Check out reviews for different protein powders and then make an informed decision to see which one is suitable for you. You can also take advice from your gym instructor or others who are pros at the gym.


Bucolic life? The idea is not enough, we need clarity. 
The recent statistics break a lance in favor of those who want to open a farm: in the countryside could create about 200 thousand new jobs; 38% of the boys, according to the polls, would prefer to manage a farm rather than work for a multinational company. 
Yet, bureaucracyand critical issues are the two fearful monsters with whom the young entrepreneur who decides to launch this challenge will have to deal. Facing them is possible; Here are the key words to do it: strategy, commitment and dedication, but above all, the desire to enter a business reality that is very different from the others. Whether you choose the path of the “traditional” agricultural entrepreneur, specialized in production in a specific sector, or that of the “multifunctional and multi-active” agricultural entrepreneur, you will encounter quite different regulatory opportunities and scenarios. This is why a simple “bucolic vision” of life is not enough; as a first step, it is necessary to have a clear idea of ​​the company around which to build a development project.

1) Analysis.

Intuition alone is not enough to decree the success of an activity. An idea, to be valid, must be accompanied by an in-depth analysis of the competition and the market in which it intends to operate. With the support of appropriate consultants it is therefore advisable to analyze:

  • human capital;
  • physical capital (company size, available and acquired properties, machines and tools);
  • the offer (critical mass, product and activity differentiation, quality, diversification);
  • the markets (possible sales channels, promotional activities);
  • economic performance (profitability and costs).

In addition, it is also appropriate to evaluate components external to the company on the plan:

  •  institutional (normative of reference, existence of formalized networks like consortiums, cooperatives, roads of the wine, etc …);
  • territorial (infrastructural, material and immaterial endowment, availability of services to agricultural enterprises);
  • commercial (local distribution channels, characteristics of supply and demand);
  • competitive framework (competitive structure and degree of concentration of supply).

2) Design .

Only after this phase of analysis will it be possible to transform the “idea” into an entrepreneurial development project, through a real design work: it will be necessary, therefore, to draw up, with the help of appropriate specialists and professionals, a Business Plan, able to give credibility to all the preliminary work carried out and to allow the request for public or private financing. The initial situation, the development project and the post-investment situation must be analyzed in the plan. 
3) Resource search.

Now it will be possible to proceed with the search for sources of financing. In the case of young farmers, there are different measures and tools to facilitate their establishment. It will be necessary to carefully study the announcement and verify the existence of the requirements to access it.
Once the necessary analyzes and checks have been carried out, the project can be submitted through a specific application accompanied by a Business Plan. In this phase, in particular, assistance from a CAA (Authorized Agricultural Assistance Center) and advice from a professional for the technical part is advisable. It must be taken into account that any request for funding that is respected provides for the existence of certain guarantees, which will be presented to the bank on duty. Evaluating which ones are the most appropriate is not an easy task and it will be necessary, once again, a punctual assessment of one’s financial situation.

4) The tools available.

In this obstacle course, central is certainly the presence of ISMEA (Institute of Services for the Agricultural Food Market), an economic public body that supports the Regions in the activities of land reorganization, through the formation and expansion of agricultural property, encouraging the generational change in agriculture on the basis of a specific aid scheme approved by the European Commission. ISMEA promotes and supports agro-industrial development projects that, as induced impacts, imply a structural improvement in the income levels of agricultural producers. 
Industrial projects are eligible for the realization of:

  • new initiatives;
  • programs for the expansion, modernization and restructuring of existing production units;
  • investments for renewable energy production plants, within the limit of 1 megawatt of power for self-consumption.

The investments must be consistent with the Rural Development Plans of the Regions in which the national and Community limits of ESL (Gross Grant) are realized and respected.
Another instrument of primary importance for those who intend to take this path is the ln 135/97, which allows to obtain incentives and grants for the start of new agricultural activities and provides for the takeover of a young entrepreneur in the family business: the capital disbursed is only repayable for 50% of the sum received. It has the aim of encouraging different business initiatives in the agricultural sector, especially by young people living in areas defined at risk of depression by the European Union or “lagging behind”; in the same way the areas with a strong “industrial decline” or “disadvantaged rural areas” are defined.

Fill out the form to request a consultation. You can make the payment of the advice via paypal or by bank transfer

Advice for farmers

What can farmers do to stop the decline of biodiversity in the Italian countryside? The European Union encourages a more respectful agriculture of nature through incentives on sustainable agricultural practices and actions that improve the environment.

For sustainable agriculture

Each Autonomous Region or Province describes in the Rural Development Program the agro-environmental schemes, which must be targeted to the local environmental reality, and the relative compensation. Adherence to these schemes by farmers is voluntary.

The types of actions that are financed are:

  • the twenty-year retreat of arable land for environmental purposes . Wetlands, meadows alternating with shrubs and flooded meadows are recreated on farmland. All habitats almost disappeared as a result of the intensification of agriculture. They are also favored the maintenance or restoration of hedges, rows, ponds, dry stone walls and other elements of the agricultural ecosystem, which provide breeding and feeding sites to numerous birds such as the Little Averla, the Averla capirossa and the Monachella , as well as insects and wild plants. The hedges also reduce erosion, evaporation and protect the fields from the wind;
  • the delay of the mowing season . This allows species that reproduce on the ground to successfully complete reproduction and breeding of offspring;
  • maintenance or recovery of lawns . The meadows are among the habitats with the highest declining trend and are home to important species such as the Quail King, the Skylark and the Quail. It would be important for the mowing not to be carried out during breeding, ie between the end of February and the end of July;
  • maintenance of extensive pastures and farms . The intensification of animal husbandry has led to the almost disappearance of pastures and the concentration of cattle in large industrial stables. The pastures, the presence of outdoor livestock and the permanence of modest stables favor the conservation of many wild plants, insects, mammals and birds, such as the hen, the Grillaio, the Ortolano, the Calandro, the Tottavilla and the swallow;
  • the late plowing of the stubble . The maintenance of harvest residues in the fields during the winter provides an important source of precious seeds and shelter to many birds during the most difficult period of the year. Moreover, the vegetation that grows up among the stubble has a rich fauna of insects;
  • organic farming . It is a method of agricultural production that does not use synthetic pesticides and herbicides, uses as a single fertilizer the organic type (manure or compost), ensures the defense of crops from diseases, insects and weeds through prevention and uses the force of natural laws to increase yields and disease resistance. This is why organic farms plant hedges and rows, make crop rotation and diversify production.

The cleaning of the ditches

In the ditches grow herbaceous, arboreal and shrub species of various kinds that have been “hunted” from the cultivated fields and on which a rich community of animals is concentrated. Ditch cleaning operations (which should never be cemented or replaced by underground drainage) should only be carried out by mechanical means between August and December, when amphibians, birds, reptiles and invertebrates are not engaged in reproductive activities

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