Wisconsin legislature considers Cookie Bill

Food entrepreneurs in Wisconsin have been able to legally make and sell home-canned ‘non-hazardous’ foods such as pickled fruits and vegetables due to the cottage foods legislation known as the Pickle Bill (2009 Wisconsin Act 101). Of the 25 states that have some type of cottage foods legislation, Wisconsin is the only one that does not include a provision for non-hazardous baked goods such as bread, cookies, and cakes.

Just submitted for co-sponsorship by Wisconsin Representatives Ed Brooks and Janis Ringhand, LRB 1126/1, aka The Cookie Bill, will possibly change that.

LRB 1126/1 would require that the individual

  1. registers with the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP),
  2. complies with the necessary food safety labeling and signage requirements and
  3. receives under $10,000 per year from the sale of the food.

LRB 1126/1 also makes some minor changes to the pickle bill legislation based on public feedback since its enactment:

  • The income cap is increased from $5,000 to $10,000.
  • The requirement that these goods need to be sold at “a community or social event or a farmers’ market” is changed to instead permit that the sales be “face-to-face sales” to consumers.  This change was based on concerns that the language was too restrictive and was preventing individuals, such as some Bed & Breakfast owners, from taking advantage of the law.

The state fiscal estimate will be printed as an appendix to this bill.

For more information contact Rep. Ringhand or Rep. Brooks.


  1. Charlotte Gaffy says

    I’m excited about the possibility of this “Cookie Bill” passing. I current make canned product under the “Pickle Bill” and would love to start selling baked items also under this new bill.

    • Elena says

      Hi Shirley,
      I contacted Sen. Ringhand’s office in early February to ask about re-introduction progress, and here’s what her aide said:
      “We are planning on re-introducing the bill. I have already spoken with last session’s authors and have a drafting request into the Legislative Reference Bureau to have the bill re-drafted. We will be incorporating most of the amendments that were passed last session, into the actual bill this time around.”

      I encourage you to write to Sen. Ringhand to express your support and interest: Sen.Ringhand@legis.wi.gov

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