Hand expression pumps are another name that aptly describes manual breast pumps. Too often, new moms overlook the host of benefits provided by manual breast pumps as they shop for a breast pump.

The small size of manual breast pumps makes them essential tools for busy moms when they need to pump milk in the absence of a power supply. Powered by hand, the small pumps provide an easy and quick way of pumping precious milk.

A manual breast pump provides many ways for new moms to get the amount of milk needed to feed their precious ones. The host of benefits provided by manual breast pumps include:

Easy to assemble

Assembling a manual breast pump is as easy as child’s play. A breast pump has a membrane connected to a valve to make the milk flow quickly into the bottle. A breast shield is also connected to all this to allow privacy for moms when they need to pump milk. The power of the suction is supplied by the hand pump lever.

No power supply needed

A new mom that has to travel frequently can make finding a power supply to pump milk an issue. Pumping milk can’t be done in a car or at work. This makes the manual breast pump an essential tool when there’s no available power source. Being on the go can enable a new mama to pump milk using the manual breast pump. This eliminates the need for a new mom to hunt down a power source to plug in when it’s time to pump milk.

Best back-up option

Manual breast pumps provide the best back-up option during times when it’s needed most. Electrical issues, or a power outage, or travelling can create issues with electric breast pumps. Until the issues are resolved, a manual breast pump provides the best solution.


A manual breast pump is more affordable compared to an electric breast option. While the electric breast pump offers convenience like no other, the manual breast pump offers the next best thing for new moms. Not needing any power source when it’s time to pump milk in any location are the top advantages gained from using manual breast pumps.

Allows a new mom to set her schedule

One of the things that a new mom has to consider when choosing a breast pump is her convenient schedule. Granted that a manual breast pump can be physically demanding, the convenience of pumping milk in any location at a new mom’s convenient time offers more. With practice, pumping milk manually becomes an accustomed routine.

Comes with a kit

Many manual breast pumps in the market today come with a complete kit, to include:

  • Breast shields to provide much-needed privacy for moms as they extract milk
  • 1 milk bottle (5 oz.)
  • 2 membranes
  • 1 bottle stand

Life has become more convenient for new moms with the help from a manual breast pump. Enabling mothers to pump out milk to save for later feeding has given them the freedom to either return to work earlier or travel, or go for an occasional night out.

Fathers also get a chance to feed their babies away from their moms. The thousand and one benefits provided by breast pumps have made them essential tools for new moms to have on hand.

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