The related conditions in the structures of the body are the things diagnosed, evaluated, and treated by chiropractors. In Toowoomba, a Toowoomba chiropractor will neither perform surgery nor prescribe drugs to alleviate pain.

Manipulating and adjusting the spine and other body parts to get them properly aligned is the treatment process handled by chiropractors. You are in need of chiropractic care if you need proper alignment of the body to heal itself from the discomforts of aches and pain.

The conditions typically treated by chiropractors with some not related to the spine include:


Migraine headaches

The frequent occurrence of migraine, pain reduction and the need for migraine medication has been seen by various research studies to be reduced by chiropractic spinal manipulations.

The cause of migraines remains an unknown factor. Stress and certain foods have been seen as triggers for migraines. Chiropractors can lower the stress level to reduce the effect of migraines. They can also offer advice on diet changes as a way to reduce migraines and other kinds of headaches.

Neck pain

Manipulating the neck area is often the treatment process chiropractors do to reduce stiffness and pain. Often, combining the right exercise and neck adjustments effectively address neck pain than taking pain medications. People with chronic neck pain that is not the result of an injury can try to have it treated by a chiropractor. Chiropractic care can be the most effective treatment for chronic neck pain.


Car accidents often cause a kind of neck strain or sprain called whiplash. The neck can become stiff and painful after rear-ended car accidents. Pain accompanied by dizziness and feeling sick to the stomach can be helped by a chiropractor. Stretching exercises and the proper use of heat and ice advice from a chiropractor can help to reduce muscle swelling and spasms.

Tension headaches

Tension headaches are common but painful headaches in the neck and the back of the head. Poor posture and stress are contributing factors causing tension headaches. A chiropractor may advise some stretching exercises to alleviate the pain. Adjustments in the neck area will also be done by the chiropractor to relieve stress and pain. The chiropractor will also suggest better ways to lower stress, right body mechanics, and posture to relieve the headaches.

Sacroiliac pain

The bottom of the spine houses a big joint called the SI or sacroiliac joint. A variety of lower back pain is caused when problems arise in the SI. Conditions affecting the SI can cause pain at the back of the thigh or the buttocks. Ways to avoid straining the SI is one of the treatment processes chiropractors do to alleviate the pain. He/she will also recommend core strengthening exercises to help support the SI joint.

Shoulder pain

People often think chiropractors only handle neck and back pain. However, having a painful and stiff shoulder can also be helped by a chiropractor. Frozen shoulder syndrome is the condition caused by pain and stiffness in the shoulders. A chiropractor will likely stretch the muscles surrounding the muscles to lessen the pain.

Chiropractors handle more than just headaches, joint, and muscle pain. While the chiropractic practice does not allow medication prescription and performing surgery, the treatment chiropractors can often be more effective. Aligning the body to its proper position offers the best remedy for bones, discs, and muscles that have gone awry.