Electric pumps are the undisputed kings of breast pumps. Although they may appear to be a little mechanical, once in full use, they pump milk very quickly and easily for your baby.

Single electric pumps are quick and efficient, the electric double breast pump can allow you to release milk from both breasts at once. So, it can be said that a double pump most definitely expedites milk pumping and is ideal for busy mothers.

  • Electric double pumps are the clear winners for a variety of reasons:

You can release twice as much milk as you would be able to if you used a single machine, and they can be used in a variety of positions. Some have a memory function that saves your perfect rhythm; they’re simple and effective.

  • Double or single?

A single is the ideal electric breast pump for expressing on occasion. An electric double breast pump withdraws milk from both breasts at the same time and is more convenient for giving off milk on a regular basis, whether because you’ve returned to work or for any medical reasons.

A double breast pump not only cuts the amount of time you spend expressing in half, but it also produces 18% more milk than pumping from each breast separately. This makes it an excellent choice for working mothers. Furthermore, the milk produced by double pumping has a higher fat and calorie content.

  • Which electric pump is right for you?

Whether you choose a double or single electric pump is determined by your milk requirements. Keep an eye out for pumps that are:

  • Simple to use, with clear instructions, and capable of being completely disassembled for easy cleaning
  • Dishwasher-safe or steriliser-safe (or both)
  • A Suction that is tailored to your baby’s sucking patterns
  • Suction levels that can be adjusted

Top tips when buying an electric pump

You can occasionally rent them from hospitals – inquire with your midwife or health visitor. Be aware that they aren’t the quietest machines, but they are very effective at what they do for twin mothers. These are most likely the best options.

Of course, when it comes to obtaining a mother’s milk, babies are the experts. However, double pumping brings them closer to their limit. According to one theory, even though a baby only drinks from one breast at a time, he or she usually has a lot of close contact with their mother while doing so, which is great for releasing oxytocin. Perhaps because double pumping requires twice as much contact and stimulation.

Take note that while double pumping improves the effectiveness of expressing, it does not imply that mothers who use this technique are on the path to creating an overabundance of milk. It is important to understand that this does not imply that double pumping is superior to a baby, however, it is just a suggestion that double pumping is a higher standard to single pumping.

Research also shows that double pumping gives off a higher fat content in the milk which can have many benefits.

How much does an electric double breast pump cost?

The standard cost for an electric double pump from Ameda Australia can start from £100. Now that it has been established what double pumping is and how it can be beneficial to you, it is important to remember that in the end, it is your decision to make.