Are you currently suffering from allergies, chronic pain, asthma or fatigue? Are you aware that these medical conditions can be healed by changing your eating lifestyle?

If you’re seeing doctors for your numerous ailments, adding a nutritionist can be a smart idea. However, you need to be aware as well about the different titles attached to clinical nutritionists.

Similar to your search for a specific doctor for a specific disease, there’s a difference between a nutritionist and a registered dietitian. Often, registered dietitians and nutritionists are lumped together. Yet, the practice is more regulated with registered dietitians. Titles such as LDN (Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist), CNS (Clinical Nurse Specialist), RDN (Registered Dietitian Nutritionist), and MS (Master of Science) are the ones to look out for when searching for a nutritionist.

But, why do you need a nutritionist Gold Coast? What can they do to make your life healthier and happier?

Maybe you need more reasons to justify a visit to a nutritionist. Maybe you’re on the fence when it comes to including a nutritionist in your health list. The reasons why you stand to benefit by consulting with a registered dietitian include:

You are sensitive or allergic to some foods

Many doctors have no idea about food allergies. Often, doctors prescribe unneeded medications to symptoms brought on by food sensitivities and allergies. Some of the conditions that bring about digestive problems are often caused by lactose intolerance, or gluten allergies or some form of food irritations. It’s time to consult a dietitian if you’re diagnosed with sensitivities or allergies.

You want a happier and longer life

It’s still a smart choice to see a nutritionist even when nothing’s wrong with you. Preventing diseases from happening in the first place gives you power over your life. You may want to do something on your already healthy lifestyle. It’s never too early or too late to do some positive lifestyle changes. Seeing a nutritionist because you’re sick or not feeling good may be too late.

Your energy levels are declining

Your low level of energy prevents you from doing some of the things you love. Your work is already compromised because you seem to feel tired most of the time. Your diet could be the culprit especially if the doctor can’t understand your symptoms. A registered dietitian can tell you foods that cause tiredness. He/she can also help you plan a new diet regimen to increase your levels of energy.

You need to lose a few pounds

Losing a few pounds can be hard when you don’t know the effective way to do it. Consulting a dietitian will put you on the right track to speed up the weight loss goal. Food intolerance can often put a damper on your weight loss goal. A dietitian is a right person to help you plan a specific diet for losing weight.

You want a professional to guide you in your eating habits

Magazines, newspapers, and the internet are always full of advice when it comes to food. However, we are not created equal. A diet that can work wonders for one person will prove hazardous to another. Food reacts differently in human bodies.

Apple A Day are nutritionists on the Gold Coast. Pay them a visit to find out about your food allergies and what foods will be good for you.